APR48-3G Rectifier Module

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APR48-3G Rectifier Module

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The Eaton® APR48-3G Access Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for network access applications such as cellular base stations, customer premises equipment and road- side cabinet installations.

The new generation 3G architecture is reliable, power dense and compact. The high power density allows as little as 1U of rack space to be occupied by power, therefore, maximizing space available for telco equipment.

The APR48-3G rectifier incor- porates a combination of lead- ing-edge high frequency switch mode technology for a flexible and efficient DC power source, with high reliability fan cooling which further contributes to its high overall reliability.

The APR48-3G is a high pow- ered rectifier with 1800W output. It is designed for op- eration at up to 70°C (158°F) and under a wide range of AC power conditions.

These features make the APR48-3G perfectly suited to the wide variety of equipment and demanding environmental conditions found in network access applications.

The APR48-3G also has power factor correction and is up to 92% efficient, with optimum performance available at typical load currents. Together these give the APR48-3G some of the lowest running costs for any DC powersystem of its type available.

Operating with the Eaton SC100 or SC200 system con- troller, the APR48-3G rectifier modules will provide years of cost-effective, and trouble free service for your 48V network access equipment.


  • Fast on-line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
  • Automatic set-up from system controller
  • Intelligent microprocessor controlled
  • Industry leading power density
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Wide AC supply conditions
  • Wide output voltage ranges
  • Constant power output
  • Compliance with international standards

Technical Specifications

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Instalação e Manutenção

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