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Power source transfer switch

Seamless power transfer

Eaton ATS are designed to provide power supply redundancy for single connection equipment. With ATS, power from two independent sources can be supplied to IT equipment, which have only one input power supply.


Only advanced servers are equipped with a dual electrical power supply. The majority of network devices and entry-level servers have a single connection with only one electrical power input.

With the Eaton ATS, critical equipment can be connected to a redundant power supply.

Both sources (primary and secondary) are connected in a straightforward manner to the ATS in the base of the rack. The Eaton ATS then controls the redundancy of this electrical power supply. If the primary source fails, transfer to the secondary source is automatic and instantaneous.

Simple and cost-effective

Considering the advanced design of the Eaton ATS, these are highly competitive in price compared with the ‘dual power supply’ options available from suppliers of networking equipment.

1U high, the unit can be installed easily within the rack.

Metering and basic configuration capabilities are possible through ATS 16’s LCD.

Network connectivity

The ATS 16 Netpack and ATS 30 provide network connectivity. This allows users to access, configure and manage units from remote locations.

Eaton ATSATS 16N, front view
Eaton ATSATS 16N, rear view
  1. LCD with metering and basic configuration capabilities
  2. RS232 serial port
  3. Network NMC card (on netpack version)
  4. Input connections (2 x IEC C20)
  5. Outputs (8 x IEC C13 + 1 x IEC C19)
Eaton ATSATS 30
  1. User interface
    - Source status
    - STS status
  2. Hardwired inputs and output
  3. Network connection and web interface

Technical specifications

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Instalação e Manutenção

Venda, Instalação e Manutenções de Eaton ATS

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